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Gibson Les Paul Studio

Brand: Gibson

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Transperformance ® has offered an auto-tuning system for decades. Adaption of the Transperformance system occurred because installation required extensive work to route and install multiple components.

Introducing the G-Force System as a factory-installed part of new guitars more or less forced consumers to at least try it. Besides ease of simple tuning, the G-Force electronics allow for easy non-standard tuning such as drop-tuning.

Wikipedia describes the workings of this system as, “The Gibson system uses the standard Tune-o-Matic style bridge typical on their guitars, but modifications were made to have individual piezo saddles that transmit each string’s pitch to the microprocessor.[7] The computer analyzes the signal and then controls each of the Powerhead Locking Tuners. Each tuner is run by a small servo motor that works in sync with the bridge to bring the string up to pitch by altering the string’s tension until it is within the desired tolerance.[2] The entire system is powered by a nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery pack housed in the control cavity of the guitar.”.1

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