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The Stadium is a fantastic guitar and super fun to play

I thought I should put this in writing in case you want to send it to Godin. The Godin Stadium that I picked up yesterday is in my opinion the best guitar at its price point on the market. You know I have had and played an awful lot of guitars from most makers and at most prices. I have a good basis for comparison. The Stadium is a fantastic guitar and super fun to play. The build quality is fantastic. Better than some custom shop guitars I have played. The pickups are amazing, the neck is amazing and the body is light and comfortable and amazing. I love everything about it. The Godin is much better than any similarly priced Telecaster. The oil finish let's the guitar breathe and opens up the tone. It is super resonant. I can't put it down.

All in all I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking for high quality that is reasonably affordable. I already told my brother to get one.

Thank you for suggesting it.

As always, it is a great to be a customer at Class Axe.


Enjoyed the atmosphere in your store and the sales persons.

Just a note to say thanks, for the deal on the acoustic guitar, really enjoying it. Enjoyed the atmosphere in your store and the sales persons. You have one of the best selection of guitars that I have seen in a long time, I will be back.


I have to thank you so much for your exemplary service.

I have to thank you so much for your exemplary service. The guitar got here safely and it's perfect. You took excellent care of me and I hope you feel great about helping people get the gear they need to further their passions. Please forward this to whoever you work for. They need to know how happy I am about your service. Thanks again! Keep up the amazing work and rock on!

Ron Monroe

The best experience I've had making a significant purchase

Hey Bob,

Recently picked up an FSR Lipstick Strat from Classaxe, and I honestly have to say that it was probably the best experience I've had making a significant purchase.

Shamus was *awesome* - very helpful, answered all my questions, and was patient and accomodating to a fault. As well, I really appreciated the no-pressure sales environment. I'm gonna recommend you guys to *all* of my guitar peeps (It's worth the drive to Kemptville...).

I thought I was gonna have to go to Ottawa to find a shop with a selection even close to yours, but it's great to be able to support a local biz without having to compromise anything...

Thanks again, and special thanks to Shamus. It really is a class act...

Eric B

Southbound shops at Class Axe Guitars because we want the best!

Southbound shops at Class Axe Guitars because we want the best!

Rob Balsillie, Vinyl Destination - Merrickville

Make you feel like a real customer and not just a dollar sign

Outstanding service! All questions answered Bob and Shamus really make you feel like a real customer and not just a dollar sign to them!!

Mike Hynes

If you have a soul for music...

If you have a soul for music... You go to see Bob @ Class Axe Guitars in Kemptville.

Sarah Barrowclough-Bowen

Fair, honest, relaxed, trustworthy

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase. I love the guitar, can’t hardly put it down! And I’m really happy with how you do business - fair, honest, relaxed, trustworthy. I’m not sure when I’ll be making another guitar-related purchase but you can be assured that I will be heading back to Kemptville when I do.

Thanks again to you and Shamus.

All the best, John

Small Town Touch

Hey Bob I just wanted to thank you and Shamus for taking the time yesterday in helping me pick out a new guitar. The experience was one of the best I have had in many years, no salesman pressure and no gimmicks. Even though I travelled quite a piece to get there, you have made yourself a new client and continued customer. Everyone that informed me about your store and staff were right. In my opinion I would describe it like this, A BIG CITY MUSIC STORE WITH THE SMALL TOWN PERSONAL TOUCH.

Once again, thank you very much.

Fred D

Garage Sale Compliment

Hi, I was at the GREAT garage sale at Class Axe yesterday,and picked up a new axe along with a couple of accessories. Awesome shop,and Bob and his staff were excellent to deal with and very friendly! To anyone who hasn't been there before,you have to go,you'll have a hard time walking out the door empty handed!!!

Derrick M

Love the Vintage

For the hardcore COLLECTOR - amazing selection of vintage guitars PLUS loads of Gretschs!

Mische H

Recent Epiphone Buyer

It arrived today and it’s fabulous and your customer service was outstanding. Thank you!

George Teply

No rivals even in a city like Toronto

I'm sorry I missed you at the store the other day. It was nice to meet Shamus and get a tour. First off, I have to say that the quality of your stock and the extensive inventory offering caught me off guard. I mean this all in a very good and respectful way. I just didn't expect to find a pro guitar shop that good in a rural area like Kemptville. My experience in the music industry goes back a few years. I worked in a retail music store in Mississauga for almost 13 years. 1988-1990 I was the Canadian rep for Martin Guitars through Martin Canada. 1990-1995 I worked for Coast and Erikson and 1995-2013 at B&J Music doing the Toronto area only. So you can see that I am not a tourist in this industry. As the Brits say.."well done sir ! " The vintage room and the Gretsch guitar room along with all the other stock would have no rivals even in a city like Toronto. I am certainly telling all my music colleagues about your shop. I hope to meet with you on my next visit in March as I go through to the Ottawa area again. Would like to discuss guitars, products and promotions with you.

Warmest regards, Wally Bieniawski