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Fender ToneMaster Deluxe

Brand: Fender

Price: $1,033.99

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Tone Master amplifiers use massive digital processing power to achieve a remarkable sonic feat: faithfully modeling the circuitry and output power of our iconic tube amps. Using cutting-edge technology and contemporary features designed for today’s player, these digital amps have the same coveted tone, volume and dynamics of the all-tube originals.A line output with impulse-response cabinet simulations is perfect for “quiet” stages and silent recording, while a six-position power output level switch offers fantastic tube-driven tones at any volume. Fresh hardware design, new speakers and solid pine cabinets mean Tone Master amps deliver superior sound at half the weight of their tube predecessors. Massive processing power faithfully reproduces the coveted sound and style of Fender's iconic tube amplifiers–right down to our classic tremolo and spring reverb.

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