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Ibanez GSR 180

Brand: Ibanez

Price: $309.99

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Ibanez GSR 180 black. This Ibanez GSR 180 is the cheapest bass of the GSR series (for Gio Soundgear). Ibanez made the same instrument as SR series, but with different woods and electronics. You get a cheaper bass, with qualities close to the original. But still you get thin, fast neck. Slender body that fit you like a fine glove. This Ibanez GSR 180 is great for beginners because it features the slim, strong and effortlessly easy-playing Soundgear neck that you need to play great tones and fast licks.

Technical specifications Ibanez GSR 180 black :
GSR4 neck
Nato body
Medium frets
B10 bridge (19mm string spacing)
Standard J neck pickup
Standard J bridge pickup
Passive equalizer

There is no specification for this product.
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