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Fender Standard Precision Bass

Brand: Fender

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The Fender Standard P Bass Updated for the 21st Century
Leo Fender designed and built the world's first electric bass guitar in late 1951, and every electric bass made since then is unquestionably a direct descendent. The Precision Bass (or P Bass as it has come to be called) was so named because it had frets, and therefore its tuning was more "precise" than the old upright acoustic basses. So inspired was that design that it has changed little over the years, though its evolution continues today with the 4-string Standard P Bass, which combines the classic design with modern features.

Alder body with 3-ply pickguard
Bass guitars are big, and that can mean heavy, too. So the Standard Precision Bass comes with an alder body, which is quite resonant but relatively light, which you'll really appreciate after two or three hours up onstage. Its back and forearm contours cradle your body in a comfortable playing position. There's a reason the P Bass has been around so long, and this sculpted alder body is a big part of that.

Standard series split single-coil P Bass pickup
Why on earth would you change something as perfect as the split single-coil P Bass pickup? You wouldn't, of course. Fender stuck with their winning design but added a new shielded body cavity for quieter operation and reduced hum.

Maple neck with modern "C" shape
This timeless incarnation of the Standard P Bass has a nicely balanced maple neck with a modern "C" shape. While many Fender instruments have maple necks and fingerboards, the sleeker feel and detailed sound of the pau ferro fingerboard adds a touch of class to this P Bass. We think you'll agree with the many bassists at Sweetwater: it's a perfect match.

Fender Standard Precision Bass Features:
Alder body
Maple neck
34" scale length
Standard machine heads
Pau ferro fingerboard
20 frets
1 split single-coil P Bass pickup

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