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Traynor Acoustic Master Studio


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Acoustic Master Series Characteristics

Effective simplicity and precise reproduction are two of the design criteria Yorkville Sound set for this new line of Traynor Acoustic Master amplifiers. Acoustic-electric guitarists and others will be pleased at the "neutral" response available with minimal control adjustments. Active filtering circuits allow effective tonal shaping with fewer knobs and switches so you get the sound you want quickly and easily.

Inside, high-grade glass epoxy circuit boards, low-noise metal film resistors and phone jacks with gold plated contacts ensure quiet, reliable performance onstage or in-studio. Outside you will find heavy-gauge, curved metal speaker grilles, rugged plywood construction and distinctive Buggy Whip leatherette covering.

Designed from the ground up as a very precise acoustic instrument monitor, the Traynor AM Studio delivers outstanding amplification for acoustic-electric guitars and other instruments in a convenient, compact 65 watt wedge-format combo. An ideal micro system for small solo gigs, for studio monitoring or direct-lined to the PA for concerts, the AM Studio provides two discrete input channels. Channel one offers two-band EQ and a notch filter to minimize acoustic pickup feedback while channel two has its own gain and tone control and can handle any dynamic microphone, balanced or unbalanced, line input through its XLR /1/4-inch combi-jack. Then a stereo RCA Auxiliary input allows connection of a CD/MP3 player.

Convenient, tilt-back design allows the AM Studio to operate as a monitor on large stages where the acoustic guitar may otherwise be lost in the mix, or as a low-profile PA source for intimate venues. An attractive and durable, dark brown leatherette covers the solid plywood cabinet construction while a sturdy, curved, all metal front grille under the rugged grille cloth protects the high quality speaker components.

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