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Fender Super Amp


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4x10" speakers Tilt Legs

 The Super Amp is the next step up in the evolution of High

Performance instrument amplification. The new Super Amp is a direct descendent of classic tube amps such as the Fender Twin Reverb®, and 410 Bassman®, which have shaped today’s world of guitar amps. The features of the new Super Amp provide flexibility rarely found in tube amplifiers. Channel One is the traditional Fender design which offers the vintage sound as well as contemporary sounds with the use of switch-selectable Gain and Master Volume controls. Channel Two is like owning a second, modern hot-rodded amp with more soaring gain than previously found in a Fender tube amp. The CLASSIC Fender tube reverb sound is there too and is switch assignable to Channel One, Channel Two, or both. Finally, a master PRESENCE control allows you to “dial-in” just the right amount of highendsparkle.

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