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Godin Stadium HT

Brand: Godin

Price: $749.99

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Impressive tone The voice of the Godin Stadium HT is created by a pair of Godin-designed single-coil pickups. In the neck position, a GS-3 pickup delivers a rich, textured tone that's ideal for rhythm playing. When you switch to the bridge position, the Custom Cajun bridge pickup pumps out a bright and lively tone that's ideal for twangy solos and snappy lead lines. When you run both pickups together, they create a beefy tone that you just can't get enough of. Both pickups carry large diameter pole pieces to give you plenty of punch. You'll find that these pickups are great for all genres and styles. Excellent playability Aside from its impressive tone, the Stadium HT's calling card is its playability. It's outfitted with a Canadian maple neck that's carved into a D-shaped profile. When you take it out of the box and prepare to play your first chords, you'll fall in love with the neck. Whether you're a thumb-over or thumb-behind player, your hand will instantly feel at home. The 12" fingerboard radius gives you plenty of room for soloing without impacting your ability to play complex chords. With playability this good, the Godin Stadium HT is sure to become one of your favorite axes in no time at all. A new breed of single-cut guitar Quality and ingenuity are two of the most important principles that Godin adheres to when designing and building their world-renowned instruments. As such, each new Godin design continues to push the envelope of what is possible in guitar design. The Stadium HT is Godin's take on the classic solidbody electric guitar. The classic shape has a deep cutaway and comfortable body contours on the back. The Stadium HT features a unique complement of pickups that set its tone apart from any other single-cut guitar out there. Put it all together, and the result is a classic-looking solidbody with a tone that refuses to remain tethered to the past.

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